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Drupal Public Sector Exchange

DPSE logo 1 2013 300x159 Drupal Public Sector ExchangeMost initiatives from the private sector that bring the two sectors sectors together tend to justify their being with a beat down of the public sector, the individuals and teams that prop up and manage an under-invested at occasions misinvested infrastructure that provides the privilege of our 1st world life style and status on the rock.

There are challenges and concerns at all corps, the largest corporation that is Britain Plc is not immune; some self evident and quick to address and others not. In context the private sector needs to recognise and address the specifics where their intervention is most likely to have a significant positive impact. One such specific is connectedness between the parts that make the whole; whilst each is individually pursuing efficiency and improvement (or not) others are a degree removed from their successes and failures. It is not a connected environment, it is not a community.

There is no silver bullet but there are a few awesome ideas around, and the Drupal Public Sector Exchange (DPSE) is one such idea. DPSE is not here to sell Drupal to the participants, we have all agreed on that… DPSE is about creating a platform to connect, explore and celebrate successes and failures of applications and solutions introduced using the Drupal platform in the Public Sector, and narratives to explore for those agreed on the Open Source direction but undecided on the platform.

Our role at the DPSE is to take what we learn and benefit from as part of emerging tech communities; Drupal and otherwise,  seed it at the DPSE, to facilitate the development of a similar community of public sector Jedis and private sector Jacks and Giants.

Of course its been done before, however we believe we can bring a fresh perspective and uncommon value with this initiative, drop around and see how at our Open Councils event this week.

DPSE: @Alanpeart @Calert @Greenman @Kubair @MarcDe_ath @shaunwilde

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