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Putting on a most awesome DrupalCamp! Speaker experiences… Tasty Backend!

Hope y’all had an awesome Christmas and are gearing up for a farewell to 2012… back to our speaker feedback series…

Jeni Tehan is an awesome backend developer who took time out to talk to the Drupalers at the camp about building a tasty backend or… how spending a small amount of time to polish your admin areas can keep you, and your clients, sane.

The sandbox for building a tasty backend can be found on

…and comes with caveats that you can enquire about and discuss with Jeni directly on!/DelishCreative

Jeni Tehan’s feedback on presenting at the First Drupal Camp in Pakistan…

Drupal Camp speaker feedback – Jeni Tehan from ikonami Technologies on Vimeo.

and Jeni’s slides can be downloaded here: building a tasty-backend

@DelishCreative @DrupalCampPK @Kubair @Ikonami

stay tuned for Aaron Porter from Aberdeen Cloud…

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