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Addressing Drupal community challenges in the East

english silver Addressing Drupal community challenges in the East
At the heart of the success of Drupal is its community as Dries Buytaert puts it “It’s really the Drupal community and not so much the software that makes the Drupal project what it is. So fostering the Drupal community is actually more important than just managing the code base.”.
This though is easier said than done, specially in environments where proprietary technologies still sit on top of the proverbial food chain. And it is this challenge of engaging communities in the East that Kubair and Liang will be discussing in their session Drupal Community in China & Pakistan next month at DrupalCon Munich.

Kubair Shirazee from Ikonami shall share his experiences of setting up a Drupal software house in Islamabad to augment Ikonami’s tech teams in London, the challenges of linking with the community locally,  the market potential and explore the challenges faced by the Drupal community and the growing strength of Drupal in the East despite the challenges.

This year we take our participation in DrupalCons to a new level, not only are we sponsoring but we are delighted to be given the opportunity to be the voice of a silent but sizable Drupal community! and as ever proud to be supporting the Drupal community both on and offline.

Kubair and Liang’s session in Munich

DrupalCon Munich

The Drupal community

DrupalCon Munich 2012

english silver Spn DrupalCon Munich 2012

Ikonami is proud to be a sponsor at DrupalCon Munich, this is our second Drupal conference where we are exhibiting and we are arriving with four of our senior developers and our Theming practice lead.

You will find our stand outside Sydney room (session 3 room). As ever we will have tons of our legendary SWAG to give away and tons of knowledge and learning to share.

We look forward to meeting you in Munich next month.

Is Drupal only a CMS ? Hell no!

Drupal Is Drupal only a CMS ?  Hell no!Forget CMSs lets talk about what Drupal is… Drupal is a platform to build anything and everything! no jokes… for the web, mobile, tablets and Smart TVs!

Drupal in a nutshell comes with a core set of modules on installation what Drupalistas call Drupal Core then there are contributory modules and custom modules… its like a car it comes with a minimum set that you can use to drive out of the showroom and go anywhere you like but if your budget allows you can get any amount of accessories added on.. with one difference in Drupal you can build modules to do whatever you want it to do… then you can share it with the Drupal community so others don’t have to repeat the effort or you can hog it!

Drupal’s strength as a framework to build anything comes from its OS nature, an active community and a large set of contributory modules which means most things you can think of doing on an application you can utilise someone else’s efforts in the community to hit the ground running.

So Drupal though started life as a content management system (CMS) it has eveolved to also be a framework…. much like .NET or Joomla or Codeignitor or YAF that can be used to develop any web application for any device.

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