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Adding more than just Drupal capacity: moving from virtual skills in-sourcing to virtual embedded talent

Drupal Adding more than just Drupal capacity: moving from virtual skills in sourcing to virtual embedded talentThe concept and its implementation in practice are both simple if the teams on either side know what they are doing! its about skills, tools, communication and methodology…

Whilst virtual skills in-sourcing is the evolution of outsourcing in an Agile world the move towards an embedded team is a step beyond this basic evolution of an age old model. Embedding external talent in an internal team is nothing new; what we are doing at ikonami’s Drupal practise is taking tried and tested methodologies and applying them to the new world view. It’s a methodology and tool mashup that is needed for a community based open source world out there!

Our embedded Drupal teams work seamlessly because managers by design and necessity are removed one or more degrees from the work being undertaken, their job is to support teams on either ends by ensuring they have control over their work, have the tools they need and have clear goals rather than trying to control software development by decomposition and monitoring of activities. Surely the manager is better utilized in ways other than baby sitting development teams.

This calls for direct and open communication lines between the Drupal developers at the client end and ours. It does not make the role of the manager redundant, it allows the manager to work ‘on the project’ as opposed to ‘in the project’.

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