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The in-sourcing FAQ series… part 10: Can you explain how the process works?

Can you explain how the process works?

In a nut shell: you tell us what your capacity needs are, say you are looking to add a few of Drupal programmers to your in-house team to give yourselves a capacity burst. We short list a number of our own battle hardened Drupal developers that fit your criteria, you interview them set them a task  if you prefer to get comfortable that they know their ‘stuff’, you contract them and start assigning work to them. Simple.

Drupal The in sourcing FAQ series… part 10: Can you explain how the process works?For task management we use a variety of tools including Redmine and Basecamp, Jira and Git for code deposits, bug tracking and comms are over Skype, there are of course a variety of other tools deployed but usually it is you who dictates what tools are used to manage the work assigned. You liaise directly with your selected Drupal developers and assign them tasks daily or set 1 to 2 week sprints for them.

There is a technical account manager at our end who keeps you posted on utilization on a monthly basis and works with you to forecast your ongoing Drupal developer needs. The same goes for any other tech be it .NET or Ruby or Php the basic principles are the same.

If you would like to learn more about our processes or would like to try one of our Drupal developers out drop us a line on or call us… we are based in London and you will find our contact numbers on our website.

The in-sourcing FAQ series… part 9: Does in-sourcing suit my business?

In-sourcing is for process driven and innovative teams and businesses, if you have had the foresight to invest in open source and emerging technologies  you will benefit from exploring in-sourcing over traditional outsourcing. If you are thinking about the difference between the two read my previous post here.

Does in-sourcing suit my business?

In-sourcing highly skilled resources are not for everyone, in-sourcing is best suited if you:

1)    Are working with open source and emerging technologies

2)    Are used to working with the open source community.

3)    Are grounded in Agile processes and can work them.

4)    Are Agile ready and seeking contract staff to ease ‘that’ bottle neck or are in need of a capacity burst.

5)    Are Agile ready and looking to increase your in-house capacity without taking on related overheads.

6)    Are looking to add different perspectives and views to your R&D team

7)    Are an Agile ready start-up seeking to build an awesome technical team on a limited budget of time and funds.

if you think you fit any or most of the above then drop us a line to discover what in-sourcing can do for you and your team’s capacity and capability.

The in-sourcing FAQ series… part 8: How will in-sourcing save me money?

How will in-sourcing save me money?

Do you recognize, accept and appreciate that quality emerging tech talent is distributed and in short supply globally and if you can corner a few excellent developers you have an edge over your competition, in creativity, in capacity, in cost and much more. If you do then cost is not your only driver and you are at the right place and keep reading for in-sourcing has much to offer you.

If not and cost is your only driver than you best read this previous post first.

The key is getting the balance right between ‘good value’ and ‘quality’, if you chase cheap you will get monkeys.

In the emerging tech space we do not chase ‘cheap’ and risk what comes with it. It is about making the best of economic differences in geographic locations to source the best possible talent at a discount compared to a local equivalent resource: thereby getting more value for our money.. more bang for your buck if you prefer.

Now that it is settled its not monkey business and your preferred currency is not peanuts we can get to the meat of what value in-sourcing can bring to the proverbial table.

I will list a few and post some more later for this post is already past the prescribed limit!

1)    No overheads: In-sourcing does away with the overheads of hiring, employment costs, contract management, training and associated admin costs. You hire talent as and when needed, in-sourcing carries the same benefits as hiring a contractor.

2)    Time to boot-up: In-sourcing allows you (most of the time) to assemble an entire team in a fraction of the time it would take you to do so yourself via hiring full time resources. A good in-sourcing provider (like ourselves of course) will have prescribed team formats across various technologies/platforms to offer from the get go.

3)    Shot at being Awesome: The ability to afford and the will to spend on R&D separates the awesome from the greats. And in-sourcing allows you to R&D economically.

Yes there is lots more I shall tell you about the ‘great value’ you get from an in-sourcing engagement but that will be in a later post, I have been reprimanded for going on and on (see my early posts in 2010 and 2011!) and am working very hard at sticking to the prescribed post length. More on more later, have an awesome weekend and thank you for reading.

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