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The in-sourcing FAQ series… part 7: What are the benefits of in-sourcing?

Benefits of in-sourcing:

Benefits you reap depend on the nature of your business and your internal abilities.

There are the obvious financial benefits but more importantly with emerging tech there are capacity and soft benefits that out weigh the financial benefits.

For example having a specialist dedicated virtual team gives your business the ability to extend your in-house R&D team at a significantly reduced cost (imagine adding a few experienced Kinect for Windows developers to your in-house team at 1/3rd of local costs of doing the same… that is if you can find and retain Kinect for Windows developers locally!).

You can afford to bring products to markets quicker since you don’t have to wait for your existing team to have the capacity, you extend their capacity with in-sourced specialists.

You can gain a capacity burst on demand for parallel development on multiple platforms (example: native app development on multiple mobile and tablet platforms.).

You can in-source resources to maintain or migrate legacy platforms and apps whilst your in-house team works on the more critical projects (example: migrating sites form Drupal 4,5 or 6 to Drupal 7 need not consume your in-house team if you bring in virtual resources to share the work load).

The benefits go on and on… with the caveat that you have in-house skills, processes and ability to make the best use of specialist on-demand resources.

What in-sourcing is not is a silver bullet for bad processes, internal lack of skills and abilities!

The in-sourcing FAQ series… part 6: been burnt before!

We tried outsourcing and it did not work for us… what is different about ikonami’s in-sourcing services?

Majority of bad experiences arise from poor management of requirements, mismatch of processes, unstructured communication channels and questionable quality of skilled labour.

In-sourcing is different because it enables you to apply your processes and management style on highly skilled dedicated resources. There is no room for anything to be lost in translation…. You manage the resources as it best suits your teams and culture.

And be it in-sourcing or outsourcing… remote working fails when dispersed resources fail to gel as a team, do not have the right skills or tools to maintain visibility and management of the work being under taken.

Remote working works well when the teams at both ends have the right skills, tools, aligned processes and direction.

Ikonami’s resources are Agile ready, tooled up for remote working, highly skilled, battle-hardened and you have complete management control over them.

As near perfect a recipe as there can be for capacity bursts for software development projects.

The in-sourcing FAQ series… part 5: How do I know how good these resources are?

Quality assurance of in-sourced resources… How do I know how good they are?

It’s the same as hiring a resource locally.

You begin with a job description, the most suitable candidates are short listed from our resource pool based on their skill set, experience and communication skills. You interview the resource(s) and have the option of setting them up with a task to ascertain their technical abilities. Provided they breeze past you introduce them to your in-house team and let your in-house team see what the ‘fit’ between them is like.

For emerging technologies where you may not have any prior experience, like Kinect or Drupal we provide a try before you buy option…. where you get to test a resource’s capabilities for a week for free… with some caveats attached of course!

That simple.

The in-sourcing FAQ series… part 4: How do I monitor what my in-sourced resources are doing if they are working remotely?

Management, control… the next logical question is how…

The logical question…

How do I monitor what my in-sourced resources are doing if they are working remotely?

There are a wide range of tools available to monitor the work carried out by remote teams e.g. Redmine for task/project management including time management, Github and SVN for code management and Skype for real time communication amongst a plethora of tools available for management of resources in the cloud.

However in-sourcing works only when your in-house team is Agile ready, you define stories for each sprint, the length of the sprint, frequency of code uploads and using online tools gain complete visibility in to the work being under taken by your remote resources.

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