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The in-sourcing FAQ series… part 3: How much control would I have over the work these in-sourced resources are doing?

The question of control is best answered with actions than words… words you can peruse over below and for a practical demonstration contact us and ask us about our try before you buy resource trials.

The control question…

How much control would I have over the work these in-sourced resources are doing?

The same level of control you exercise over your employees!

You have complete control over what and when of everything in-sourced resources do, you manage the resources directly and since you manage them you determine their work load, timelines and flow.

It is this element of management and control that makes in-sourcing a more effective and successful alternative to the traditional outsourcing model: the management is kept inside your company, hence you have full control over the utilisation of the resources, something, which is lost in outsourcing.

The in-sourcing FAQ series… part 2: Surely if the resources are virtual this is outsourcing?

The next question has a slight annoyance factor… for it usually makes me think… were you not listening!

Surely if the resources are virtual this is outsourcing?

The resources could be based anywhere.. London, Bristol, Brussels, Cairo, Dubai, Islamabad, Mumbai, Noida, Hanoi or Jakarta… how you contract and manage the resources determines if you are outsourcing your project to them or in-sourcing skills to give you a capacity burst.

If you are working in the emerging tech space you already are accustomed to working with a distributed community; be it OpenKinect or Drupal we are all working as a collective. When you in-source you hire members of the community as dedicated resources, and those resources could be based anywhere on the third rock.

At ikonami we have a small and experienced contingent of the community on our payroll, thereby we can guarantee their availability their skill level and by continually investing in their education and development ensure they at stay on top of the emerging tech curve.

In-sourcing skills to work as part of your in-house team is the evolution of outsourcing into a more viable and efficient engagement model.

The in-sourcing FAQ series… part 1: The difference between Outsourcing and In-sourcing?

Chicago May 2010 040 copy1 300x199 The in sourcing FAQ series… part 1: The difference between Outsourcing and In sourcing?Having pitched our in-sourcing services to a number of you emerging and open source tech folks out there the common theme has been the differentiators between in-sourcing and outsourcing… so the next few posts will be addressing the common questions thrown at me regarding in-sourcing.

But before I go there let me just remind you all that I have hands-on experience with outsourcing for over 12 years and the only time it has worked like a charm is when I have taken control of the skills and in-sourced without explicitly setting out to in-source. So on reflection it has been somewhat of a revelation!

Ok… in-sourcing, outsourcing whatever kind of sourcing it is all about skill sets and experience. So when reading this series of in-sourcing posts bear that in mind… our context is software skills.

Now, without further ado…

The difference between Outsourcing and In-sourcing?

In-sourcing is keeping the work and knowledge within your organization as opposed to farming out projects to a third party. When you in-source you bring skilled resources ‘into’ your team’s fold, contracting resources to work in and with your existing team.

The key differentiators are management and control! When you in-source, your project manager(s)/team lead(s) manage the sourced resources/contractors directly, just as you would manage your in-house resources.

When it comes to emerging technologies in-sourcing is the natural evolution of outsourcing and in my experience is far more productive and cost effective than outsourcing. Much more on the why… in the next few posts

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